Take this for me, take this for you

Yet again an enchanting tale had begun,

A tale as mortal as its inhabitants,

The unwilling will of innocent shimmering bodies,

Being defeated by its own radiating aura,

Carving out an ornate picture in the doomed, tortured night,

One for me, one for you.

Take this for me, take this for you.

Yet again a conspiracy brewed,

The almighty, immortal time stood augustly,

Betraying the ones left behind,

Now lay a dreary circle in those once familiar places,

One for me, one for you,

Take this for me, take this for you.


“The orient of light”

Although certain facts are crystal clear and are more obvious than an apple being an apple, certain facts strike you with a ferocious force, putting all your thought processes back into action. It probably is because of the mélange of ways in which a certain aspect of an entity can be described. Read more

“Just another believer”

Yet again, as every bit starts to fall apart, after every bit decides to not pick up again and every bit decides to die, and every nook of hope disappears, things start to pick up again and those radiant flames are turned into cold ashes and smoke; a manifestation of where those radiant flames once were. Read more

“Thank you for being my hope”

Recently, questions have whipped up areas in my mind and an excruciating pain has settled its roots. It is not only other people who take the liberty to intrude into the little sphere I inhabit, instead it is me myself too. I myself am the culprit. In this moment, I feel a barrier that separates me from me. There is a part within me which remains locked and is inaccessible. It may or may not possess certain jewels. Read more

“Girl issues can kill”

Sat on the cosy sofa, under dark lights impersonating a tarot card reader’s place, three children of age 14 were causing a ruckus to sit next to granddad Ans Khurram. It was 8pm, the grand dad story telling time. After 15 minutes, the little conflict was resorted, and Ans Khurram sighed with relief. Just before Ans Khurram narrated a story, his eyes narrowed- this expression was called as Ans Khurram’s wise expression, and his face turned towards the celestial bodies in the sky. Read more

“Attaining the lost happiness”

SunriseStood on the balcony, gazing at the vast expanse of clear blue sky floating above the land, Babar was lost in a no man’s land. He seemed so lost, as if he had been hypnotized by the unmoving sky. The shrill horn snapped him back into the world again. Recently, a sense of dissociation from reality had start to surface in his life. Everything appeared distant. None of the elements in the world had any sort of relation to him. He forgot that he was a part of the world, but maybe the world too was to be blamed for not noticing the boy either. Read more

“Hold a mirror and if you write it may show you a different reflection every time”

The reason why I am writing is to give birth to the voice with in my head. A voice that incessantly keeps popping within your head, whilst you write something. It is this voice that has helped me immensely in the past, and with time, I have realized that this is going to form a forte to my writing skill. More than anything it is this voice that is important. Read more