Rising above the skies

Realism has giving up embedded within it. Idealism on the contrary involves having a vision, in which a person perceives no boundaries to be a limitation. On this planet, who so ever, has achieved the greatest feats have been idealists, who envisioned a dream, did not think it was impossible to become a reality and fought for it till it became a reality. People including Gandhi, Mandela, Iqbal or Weihenmayer were dreamers. Continue reading


“Thank you for being my hope”

Recently, questions have whipped up areas in my mind and an excruciating pain has settled its roots. It is not only other people who take the liberty to intrude into the little sphere I inhabit, instead it is me myself too. I myself am the culprit. In this moment, I feel a barrier that separates me from me. There is a part within me which remains locked and is inaccessible. It may or may not possess certain jewels. Continue reading

“I love you dad”

It has nearly been 5 years since my dad left this world, and there has not been a day in which I have not missed him. Every memory remains clearly engraved on my mind; at the worst of times, flashing images associated with that incident strike my mind at a blinding pace. To some extent, I have become a prisoner of my own past, longing to relive the moments already gone by. That longing will only remain a longing. Some wishes cannot come true. It is for this reason that understanding the essence of situations started to become more significant to me. Apart from this, nothing could have really offered me a consolation to vanquish that dreadful day in my life. Continue reading