“Girl issues can kill”

Sat on the cosy sofa, under dark lights impersonating a tarot card reader’s place, three children of age 14 were causing a ruckus to sit next to granddad Ans Khurram. It was 8pm, the grand dad story telling time. After 15 minutes, the little conflict was resorted, and Ans Khurram sighed with relief. Just before Ans Khurram narrated a story, his eyes narrowed- this expression was called as Ans Khurram’s wise expression, and his face turned towards the celestial bodies in the sky. Continue reading


“Attaining the lost happiness”

SunriseStood on the balcony, gazing at the vast expanse of clear blue sky floating above the land, Babar was lost in a no man’s land. He seemed so lost, as if he had been hypnotized by the unmoving sky. The shrill horn snapped him back into the world again. Recently, a sense of dissociation from reality had start to surface in his life. Everything appeared distant. None of the elements in the world had any sort of relation to him. He forgot that he was a part of the world, but maybe the world too was to be blamed for not noticing the boy either. Continue reading

“Chronicles of a taxi driver: An encounter”

An exciting day lay ahead. Every moment of the day was an exciting one for Ans Khurram, the taxi driver; even the bit in which he admired himself before he left for his chores. A baller, he stood at 6 ft 3 inches tall. In order to accentuate the fact that he was tall, he positioned the mirror low, so that he was forced to bend down every time, in order to admire himself in the mirror. Today, he did the same, and his chest hair tentacled out.  Continue reading

“The first and the last memorable trip to the UK”

Umair was easing his luggage on the Etihad airways counter, but the thought of being able to sit next to a British girl was an enchanting one for him. This is what he kept thinking about in his ride to the airport. She would have blue eyes, in which Umair could easily drown in, and blonde hair, which he could sniff from time to time. Nothing mattered more at the moment. Nothing. Not even the fact that he had been accepted into the Oxford University for medicine. The thought of the British girl gave him wings to fly. For that reason, he wore his favourite Armaani belt and Rayban glasses, Continue reading