Lost in the woods

Somewhere in the woods,
I lost my way,
Host to trees staring back at me,
Every direction appeared the same, Read more


Beating heart

Rain had forgotten its way down to the ground,
Unrelenting and unforgiving sun roared out loud,
Drought had prevailed on mother earth and my heart had sunk in doubt,
Within my vision lay a dreary future deprived of hope and will cowed,
Far into the distance the sky and land touched, Read more

Rising above the skies

Realism has giving up embedded within it. Idealism on the contrary involves having a vision, in which a person perceives no boundaries to be a limitation. On this planet, who so ever, has achieved the greatest feats have been idealists, who envisioned a dream, did not think it was impossible to become a reality and fought for it till it became a reality. People including Gandhi, Mandela, Iqbal or Weihenmayer were dreamers. Read more

Dark Depression

“How many hours left for the plane journey to end?”, thought Bhavna. Time passed relentlessly and unforgivingly during this journey. This came as a surprise especially due to the numerous journeys Bhavna had undertaken in her span of 23 years on this planet, and to add to that those journeys also had been longer than the one was she was currently undertaking at the moment. However, nothing that was happening could be explained at the moment. Read more

Feminism or humanity?

Recently, Harry Potter fans were struck with sadness as Professor Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) bid farewell to this world at the age of 69. Quite a few of them took to social media to express the grief they felt on this grim occasion. Amongst them were acquaintances, well wishers and fellow co-stars, which included our beloved Hermione Granger (Emma Watson). Read more

Promoting conspiracy theories: Imran-Reham split

Recently, an event caught the media flair once again. Any guesses? Nope, you are wrong. It was the Mrs. Khan and Mr. Khan split once again. The incident was able to garner as much interest as it did when they got married nearly 10 months ago. A happy Imran was beaming in a champagne coloured sherwani and Reham was beaming in some colour too; sorry, I do not remember the colour of her clothes. Read more

Why pay out of your pockets to get yourself killed?

Pakistan stands among the top four countries alongside Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia with regards to the rise in tobacco usage. A staggering 40% of males and 9% females smoke, however, certain areas remain more affected by this, for example, in a recent study conducted by the Aga Khan University in collaboration with the National Alliance for Tobacco control showed that tobacco use in women has risen to an astounding 65% in Orangi town. Read more