Dark Depression

“How many hours left for the plane journey to end?”, thought Bhavna. Time passed relentlessly and unforgivingly during this journey. This came as a surprise especially due to the numerous journeys Bhavna had undertaken in her span of 23 years on this planet, and to add to that those journeys also had been longer than the one was she was currently undertaking at the moment. However, nothing that was happening could be explained at the moment. The uneasiness was surpassing all thresholds within Bhavna’s heart, but she remained clueless. Nearly 8-9 miles away from the surface, not many options seemed feasible. So she decided to amble down the length this plane permitted. This restlessness escalated more and more. The more she thought about her situation, the more she drowned in this swamp failing to escape her from the tentacles pulling her limbs and legs down. Everything seemed clouded. It was as if a thick cloth had engulfed her, preventing her from seeing the world outside in a clear way. Gradually, she lost her focus and her breaths became more forced. The once accessible air seemed out of reach like the unreachable stars in the night sky. The world around her betrayed her by moving after the entire world was supposed to provide her with stability by being unmovable. However, this was acceptable. People betrayed you, nature betrayed you, and essentially this is what the world encompasses, so the world was justified to betray her. In a split second, darkness conquered all and nothing remained; what remained was a dream; an unlived dream. Boundaries seemed like a gift of the past, and now there were no boundaries, but an unusual sea that surrounded Bhavna. She swam gently through the dark ocean, with the water gently sloshing against her lifeless body and giving her a direction. No island seemed within reach, and the idea of a destination seemed a mad lie.

However, the scene shifted straightaway with no direction in sight and now she was embroiled in a combat; a combat for her body. Why did she have to fight for a possession she owned? This body was her possession; no one else was entitled to it. Was there a name written on her body? No. Was there anything that was characteristic to her about the body? No. It just looked like another body. Suddenly, nations and continents dissolved away. Suddenly, people and their creed lost its meaning. Suddenly, men and women were not different. Everything was just meshed together in its oneness. She did not own what she was supposed to own. Unfortunately Bhavna lost the battle. The dark forces were too strong. Now she was only left with the option to swim across the infinite sea with no destination and no help in sight. Never had she felt so helpless in life. How could she have ever felt so helpless? Had she ever been greeted with nothingness? This history was too immense to be explained and dates back to an era that had passed.


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