Umair was easing his luggage on the Etihad airways counter, but the thought of being able to sit next to a British girl was an enchanting one for him. This is what he kept thinking about in his ride to the airport. She would have blue eyes, in which Umair could easily drown in, and blonde hair, which he could sniff from time to time. Nothing mattered more at the moment. Nothing. Not even the fact that he had been accepted into the Oxford University for medicine. The thought of the British girl gave him wings to fly. For that reason, he wore his favourite Armaani belt and Rayban glasses, even though his eye sight was not weak. A walk, no one but Umair could have mastered, had been mastered, and it was the most G-walk anyone could come across. It was easy though. You just had to spread your legs a bit more, in order to elicit your masculinity, and your hands should sway more than your hips. Umair had really done it. To complement that walk was this guy’s personality. Standing at 5 ft 10 inches tall, fair face and the seductive stubble; Umair lured women to just sit next to him. He was like honey, bees were attracted to.

The moment had finally arrived. Umair was climbing the stairs of the plane. The fate that awaited him was bleak, but Umair believed in god. God would have definitely heard his prayers that he got to sit next to a young, dynamic girl, just like him. But the shock of his life arrived. He double checked his tickets to make sure if that was the right seat, he was going to be sitting on. Right next to hit seat sat a woman. A very old woman. Her wrinkles were rougher than the surface of a cookie. Umair gasped and screamed.

After his fainting episode, he realized that he was seated on the chair next to the lady. Hello said the lady in her British accent. Umair said that he needed some water. The old lady gave him some water. For the first time ever, the water did not taste as good for him. He still was in utter shock. He whipped his belt out and kept it in the luggage. There was no use of the Armaani belt anymore.

The journey was cruising at the normal speed, but he thought that the journey was like the long nights at winter. They never ended. In order to counter this feeling, he decided to watch a Bollywood movie, just so that the trip would end by the time the journey had ended. It was a bad idea. The Bollywood movie made the time pass slower. Umair was pissed off now. He did not know where to go. In the meanwhile the food arrived, and Umairs mood exhilarated a bit, but just a bit.

After his food was over, he felt a bit hungrier and called the air hostess. This air hostess was too beautiful, and Umair decided not to trouble her with extra food. The next time, he called for the air hostess, a prettier air hostess swung by. He could not bother her with extra food, and he had to resolve the situation by calling the previous air hostess. A quarrel began and did not end up in Umair’s favour. Umair retreated. The old lady witnessed the entire scene, and the wise words were thrown out of her mouth, “do you want some of my food?” Umair said, “ok”. Umair was happy and ate all of it. An unprecedented situation arose from here on, and Umair for the first time in this trip started to like the old lady.

They struck more than a long conversation, where the lady narrated her stories from the previous war. He ended up enjoying her company, and her sophisticated sense of humour. Her accent was extremely posh too, and in the middle of the conversation, Umair tried to simulate the same accent as well, but he did not get too far. He was very impressed. She had done so much in life, from helping the soldiers in the war to assisting children with their education. Eventually, Umair ended up asking for her email address, and they were able to remain in touch throughout the first 3 years of Umairs UK life. He kept visiting this lady. He absolutely loved the roasted turkey during Christmas, and the game, Secret Santa, was his favourite.

Sadly, in his third year, the old lady passed away, and Umair felt absolutely devastated. Now he longed to go back in time and sit next to this lady on the plane, but the time had flown. It was only the memories that were left with him.


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