Dark roomThe last days of his life were simmering past. Loneliness perpetuated. He had started to feel increasingly dependent on people, yet no one showed up on this little ward he possessed now. Moving his head from one side to another in order for the air to ease into his lungs seemed like a daunting ordeal. Meals were not much of an option for him, as his system rejected him from doing so. The air and the atmosphere around him seemed grim, especially when uninvited voices polluted his head. These apparently were the voices of the people, who had died, and these people were welcoming Abdul to another world.

Abdul had contracted colorectal cancer a few years ago, and the cancer had metastasized into his liver, making survival for him an impossibility. None of these was news to Abdul, as he was a prominent researcher in this field. Having written more than 23 publications on this matter, he was well versed and knew the fate that awaited him.

Whenever he felt that life was unfair to him in terms of the short number of years he lived, he took consolation by travelling back into the past. Life was not measured in the number of years, but the moments he had shared with the special people in his life. His loving mothers’ tea and amazing company. His loving wifes’ changing expressions. His leg pulling of his brothers. The banter with his friends. The tree around which he played when he was 5. The rainbow, a gift after the rain. All of these little sources of happiness counted for more on this day. In the past few days, he had realized that he was a manifestation of the past, and the future was determined on his present, which soon would become the past. That is what life meant for him and meant nothing more than this. The beginning and the end were the same, which was this very moment.  To cherish were only these memories then.

Abdul often wondered, “what was he striving to achieve?”, “what was the meaning of life?” In order to pursue this topic, he became an avid reader, and he realized the significance of education in his life. By reading widely, he broadened his perspectives, and the reading started to instil more and more appreciation of the different cultures, and in turn the diversity of this world. Also, because god was the very creator of this universe, his nature was a reflection of his work; similar in a manner to how a painting reflects a painter’s personality. Therefore, reading more made Abdul realize that the more he learnt, the closer he got to the creator of this universe. He began to empathise more with people, regardless of whether they were rich or poor. Peace of mind mattered the most. In these thoughts, Abdul found refuge and solace. A firm believer of the fact that he was going to experience hell and heaven, the one moment before he passed away, when the white light flashed across his eyes. All the best moments of his life were going to be shown to him. Therefore, it was not a matter of concern for Abdul that no one turned up on those days, as he believed in what he had done. His companion was a bed and a window. Although his journey had been cut short of achieving his goals, but at the end, the journey was the biggest reward and counted for more than anything.  All of these thoughts comforted this man.

Yet another day, he was staring out at the sun drowning in the sea, and on that sight, he breathed his last and was transported to another carriage of life. Although he does not exist amongst us anymore, the universe and the people continue to proceed in a systematic manner. No void was made. No void was filled, except for the void was filled in his heart.


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